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2017 AP® UNITED STATES HISTORY FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS. UNITED STATES HISTORY. SECTION I, Part B. Time—50 minutes. 4 Questions. Directions: Write your responses in the ... c) Briefly explain ONE specific way in which the United States Constitution addresses a criticism of the Articles of Confederation.
Constitution marked a turning point in the history of United States politics and society (1 point). Examples of evidence that could be utilized to substantiate an argument: Points arguing the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments marked a turning point could include the following: • African Americans gained suffrage and equal
AP® UNITED STATES HISTORY. 2008 SCORING GUIDELINES (Form B). Question 2. Analyze the reasons for the Anti-Federalists' opposition to ratifying the Constitution. The 8–9 Essay. • Contains a clear, well-developed thesis setting forth the Anti-Federalists' opposition to the ratification of the United States Constitution.
Sample Responses from the. AP® United States History. Exam. From the 2015 Administration. Sample Questions. Scoring Guidelines. Student Responses. Commentaries on ... and long essay questions and for a set of short-answer questions. ..... 1 point: This response earns the point by explaining that the Constitution and.
2008 AP® UNITED STATES HISTORY FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS (Form B) ... Directions: The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation ... by essays that both cite key pieces of evidence from the documents and draw on outside knowledge of the period. 1. For the
The 8–9 Essay. • Contains a clear, well-developed thesis that addresses the ways in which the political, economic, and diplomatic crises of the 1780s shaped the provisions of the United States. Constitution. • Develops the thesis with substantial and relevant historical information. • Provides effective analysis of the topic;
Confederation. c) Briefly explain ONE specific way in which the United States Constitution addresses a criticism of the. Articles of Confederation. Scoring Guide. 0–3 points. Score 3. Response accomplishes all three tasks set by the question. Score 2. Response accomplishes two of the tasks set by the question. Score 1.
SAMPLE QUESTIONS. Originally published in the October 2012. AP U.S. History Curriculum Framework. AP®. United States. History Exam ... 13 Section III: Long-Essay Questions. 14 Section IV: Document-Based .... (B) Beliefs in separation of powers articulated in the United States Constitution. (C) Concerns about foreign
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